Policies and Legalities

At present, I review anything that strikes my fancy. Unless otherwise noted, all the books I review have been purchased by me or borrowed from my local library.

I try to be objective and professional in my reviews but I’m human and admit freely to being influenced by who I am and my circumstances. I may be influenced by my age, sex, religion, what’s happening in the world and my life at the time of the reading, or what I ate for dinner the night before. A book that is not a technical masterpiece may get a 5 from me if I connect with a character or if the ending strikes me just right. I do try to be aware of and mention those influences in my reviews so my readers know where I am coming from and how they shaped my conclusions.

All posts are my own words and all photos are mine unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me please email me at amy AT pageandprint.com.