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Alphamals A-Z Book Review




















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Alphamals A-Z

Written and Illustrated by: Graham Carter

Number of Pages: 56

Age Range: 3-9

Rating: 5/5

Alphabet books abound as I’m sure any parent, teacher or person who’s ever walked into a bookstore can tell you. There are a lot of great ones, a lot of mediocre ones, and a few phenomenal ones. This is one of the latter. Each letter is represented by an animal, definitely not a new concept, and the accompanying text is informational but lightly lyrical. The illustrations, however, are what make this book standout from the crowd. In a big way. Exquisitely detailed and gorgeously colored; each one could easily be framed! If you’ve got an animal enthusiast (or an art enthusiast) in the house, they need to see this book.

Seriously, look how gorgeous this is. Here’s a snippet of the end pages and a detail of the D is for dragonfly page in case you don’t believe me. Am I right?

Go buy this book. You’re welcome!