Winter Footwear

fuzzy socks

Ladies, let’s talk winter foot wear.

I will never claim to be a fashionista. I like to dress up but I’m also way too cheap and lazy to do it on a regular basis. I have clothes in my closet from high school (in the early 90’s, not the best era for fashion) and despite gaining nearly 20 pounds since getting married the only new clothes I’ve bought have been for necessity (ie I couldn’t breathe in any of the pants I owned.) I try to buy things that are relatively classic but I’ll occasionally splurge on something quirky or trendy…my splurging being at Target. I just can’t stomach the idea of spending $100 for a pair of pants! I’m also a weird size so I struggle to buy things off the rack. My monkey arms and ridiculously long legs have always caused me grief (in Middle School before long lengths were common in the stores I bought most of my pants in the boys section since I could tailor things by waist size and leg length instead of just a one-size fits all approach they used in the girls section.)

And then there are my ski-worthy feet. Super long and gargantuan and ALWAYS COLD!

Which brings me to my topic today. Winter foot wear. You guys, I struggle with this so much. Probably a lot more than I should. So I’m asking for everyone’s input. What do you wear in the winter?

I find myself either klunking around in my pseudo-Uggs or sliding and freezing in a variation of ballet flats which probably looks a little better, but this girl needs socks!

Because my feet are huge I feel like they look even bigger and bulkier in anything other than those ballet flats when I’m wearing skinny jeans.

Athletic shoes are occasionally an option but not for work days. (And again, look rather ridiculous with skinny jeans)

So my blogosphere friends. What do you wear in the winter to keep your feet warm?!  Particularly that would be work appropriate. My popsicle feet are begging for your help!