Picture Book Review ~ They Say Blue

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Concept books were always a hot commodity when I worked at the library. And there was a plethora to choose from, though the quality could be vastly different. Alphabet, counting, shape and color books are essential for helping children learn and while those that go prosaically through the basics have their place it’s always great to find one that goes above and beyond.

This one is sort of an anti-color book, the text moves beyond the simple response of ‘what color is the sky?’ to explore how colors and other things in life can shift subtly (or not so subtly) when our perspective shifts. The ocean is not only blue but clear and sparkling like diamonds. Fields of grass can look like golden oceans or plain old grass. And the greatest shift of all comes when the girl making the observations  not only looks but stretches, listens, and feels.

The text is poetic but simple and the watercolor illustrations are vibrant and playful, pulling you in alongside the girl to experience everything she does. It makes for a connective reading experience for kids of all ages (and the adults doing the reading!)

They Say Blue book review2

They Say Blue

Written and illustrated by: Jillian Tamaki

Number of Pages: 40

Publisher: Abrams Books, 2018

Age Range: 4-9

Rating: 4/5

They Say Blue book review