Picture Book Review ~ A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars Book Review















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A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

Written by: Seth Fishman

Illustrated by: Isabel Greenberg

Number of Pages: 32

Age Range: 5 to 10

Rating: 4/5

Ginormous numbers are hard to process, even for an adult mind with a little bit of experience and some context. But the author tackles the stars (approximately a hundred billion trillion), the number of gallons of water on the planet (approximately three hundred seventy billion billion), the number of seconds in a year (31,536,000), and the number of raindrops in the average thunderstorm (1,620 trillion) in an effort to illustrate the vastness and incredible awesomeness of the universe and world around us.

The numbers are written out in both numeral and word form (a boon to anyone reading it out-loud who can’t automatically vocalize numbers like 13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000* without googling them!) And while there are a host of intangible topics and ideas addressed you’ll also learn about the number of teeth a shark has and how many pounds of bugs you might eat in your lifetime.

An author’s note also explains how many of the numbers in the book are almost true and how a scientist comes to estimate something. There’s also a breakdown of the place values and number names for future reference.

This is a must for any inquisitive, science-minded readers! A fabulous non-fiction addition to classroom or school libraries as well.

*thirteen million billion billion…the weight of our planet in pounds! 🙂